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At CISSPR, we provide high quality test and certification services, including equipment and software solutions for
RF, EMF, EMC and Safety tailored to your specific needs.


hat We Specialize In? 

We specialize in Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF), Health and Safety.

Have you ever wondered if electromagnetic field radiation is safe? Do you know how much electromagnetic field that you, your family, and friends are exposed to every day?

If your employees have concern over their health due to electromagnetic fields, how would you advise them? Are there any safety precautions that you can take?

Are you aware of the regulations that are in place to protect you against adverse health effects?

What We Do?

We test and measure electromagnetic fields. We perform electromagnetic field site assessments to check for the existence of both electric and magnetic field at your location.

From these assessments, we know how much electromagnetic field you are exposed to, whether it is safe, and if it meets international health and safety regulations. 

We help our clients to understand what the risks are, what precautions can be taken, whether they should  be worried, or not, and whom they can get help from if necessary. 

Together, we build a safe, healthy and RF-friendly environment.
Our commitment, our goal.

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