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CISSPR-TEST: Test and Measurement

In today's world, our increasing dependence on electronic systems and the fields of communication, navigation and control systems introduces undesired side effects, which is the creation of electromagnetic interference and the increase of electromagnetic radiation exposure. In the constant search for a cleaner, safer and more efficient world, measures to detect, measure, shield and control such interference and exposure are vital.

In this modern age, industries and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environment. The automotive, telecommunications, and many other industries now insist on extensive EMC and RF testing. At the same time, various countries' government regulatory mandates the level of electromagnetic radiation from power lines, telecommunications towers, Wi-Fi devices, cordless phones, mobile phones, smart meters and electrical / electronic household appliances to be below the internationally recognized ICNIRP
(International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) guideline limits for the protection of human health and safety through EMF testing and simulation.

At CISSPR, we provide a comprehensive range of test and measurement services and solutions to cater to your specific needs.

RF, EMF, EMC and Safety test and measurement in accordance with international, regional and national standards, as well as OEM specifications, for both on-site and in laboratory.
System integration and automation for RF, EMF, EMC and Safety test and measurement, for optimum test cycle time, efficiency and quality with customization to specific test requirements.
Equipment and software solutions to support various test requirements in accordance with international, regional and national standards, as well as OEM specifications.
Management and operation of test laboratories for public and private sectors to achieve operational excellence with high quality, excellent customer service and optimum cost.

Test Method
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • EC Directives
  • IEEE C63.4 standard
  • OEM specifications
Electromagnetic Field (EMF)
  • ICNIRP guidelines
  • IEEE C95.1 standard
Radio Frequency (RF)
  • ETSI, FCC standards

CISSPR-PRO: Projects and Consultancy

Competency is a crucial element which contributes to the success of technical projects. On top of that, a seamless implementation of the five essential elements of projects management: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control, and Closure ensures project's deliverables are met systematically. In CISSPR, we offer professional EMC, EMF and RF technical projects and consultancy services to assist you in ensuring project's objectives are achieved and project's outcomes are delivered in a result-oriented, efficient and timely manner.

Today, one of the key factors for companies to remain competitive is to invest in talent development. Through trainings, not only we are able to build a strong foundation for employees, but also to empower them with new skill sets and keep them up to speed with the rapidly evolving technology. An effective technical training is concise and audience-oriented, with a well-balanced combination of theory and hands-on practical.

One would ask - Why do I need ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation or ISO 9001 registration
? In fact, it is not a mandatory requirement under the legal framework. The answer is clear when we look at the rising focus on quality. The strong needs is mainly driven by quality assurance. ISO/IEC 17025 is a proof that the calibration or test laboratory has demonstrated its technical competency to provide valid and reliable test results, while ISO 9001 assures the quality of good management in business. ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and ISO 9001 certification are internationally recognized approaches to assure the quality of a company's management system, products and services.

At CISSPR, we provide customized projects and consultancy services and solutions to suit your different requirements.

Projects and technical consultancy services by competent professionals, utilizing structured approach to achieve project's objectives and to meet deliverables timely and efficiently.
Training programs in EMC, EMF and RF design, applications, test and measurement, as well as standards and compliance.
Quality management system (QMS) and audits services in meeting ISO/IEC 17025 and / or ISO 9001 requirements.
Fast track to accreditation and certification (ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001) solutions covering development and implementation of quality manual that is tailored to business processes, trainings as well as internal and external audits.

CISSPR-E: Software and Databases

Living in the 21st century digital world today, the pervasive use of software, network and web-based applications has remarkably enhanced productivity and efficiency of companies and organizations. Not only it eliminates error-prone manual tasks, it also helps to streamline complex processes, reduce redundancy, enable global accessibility from anywhere at anytime, minimize cycle time, and improve interactivity with customers and partners.

Software and databases are no longer only a competitive advantage to companies and organizations, but fundamental tools to remain a player in the digital economy.
Web-based applications and automated online systems are employed in various sectors, including industry, commercial, governmental, education, healthcare, and many more. With the exponential growth in the use of mobile devices and broadband services, the significance of employing software and databases solutions is prominent.

At CISSPR, we provide various software and databases services and solutions ranging from simplified modules to extensive automated online system to meet your unique specifications.

Software and databases design to meet specific requirements from various sectors, covering industry, commercial, governmental, education and healthcare.
Web-based applications for test and measurement, laboratory management, business management, information and communications technology (ICT), e-learning and e-healthcare.
Automated online system to support the transition from manual processes to partially or fully automated online system.
E-management system for public and private sectors by implementing integrated databases, process automation, artificial intelligence and knowledge based systems, paperless environment and common platforms.

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