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Milmega Broadband Solid State RF Amplifier

Product Name: Milmega Broadband Solid State RF Amplifier

Description: The MILMEGA RF Series broadband class A solid state amplifiers have an innovative cable free motherboard which combines with the latest GaN transistor technology for exceptional, proven reliability. Amplifier control via IEEE, Ethernet, USB or RS232 is a standard feature. A safety interlock connector is provided via a rear panel D connector. Front panel indicators provide information on the operational status of the unit.

The MILMEGA Series 2000 broadband class A solid state amplifiers have an award winning innovative design which utilizes the latest GaAs FET and MMIC technologies. This provides an architecture with unique features and benefits which differentiate Series 2000 from other solid state amplifiers, permitting an impressive array of input/output and sample port options and cost-effective power or bandwidth upgrades.

80 MHz - 1 GHz
175 W
80RF1000-250 250 W
80RF1000-500 500 W
80RF1000-1000 1000 W
AS0860-25/25 800 MHz - 6 GHz
25 W / 25 W
AS0860-40/25 40 W / 25 W
AS0860-40/45 40 W / 45 W
AS0860-75/25 75 W / 25 W
AS0860-75/45 75 W / 45 W
AS0860-150/45 150 W / 45 W
AS0860-150/90 150 W / 90 W
4 GHz - 8 GHz
15 W
AS0480-30  30 W
Highlights: Unique modular design approach: Ease upgrade solution for both frequency and power, and cost-effective.
Leading Power, Linearity and Noise Specifications: Superior P1dB  (1dB compression point) and harmonic and spurious specifications.
Built-in Protection: Extensive internal monitoring protects the amplifier. In the event of internal temperature exceeding 70 °C, the amplifier blocks will automatically switch off to avoid damage.
Optimized Size and Weight: Amplifiers are standard 3U high units and may be combined in rack mounted form to build higher power amplifiers.
Warranty: 5 years parts and labour warranty on all amplifiers, inclusive of logistics cost. A manufacturer's guarantee to have the faulty unit repaired and available for return within 48 hours of its arrival at the factory. Significantly reduce downtime and impact to customers.
Excellent Customer Service: Supportive customer service team who are responsive and dedicated to assist customers.

Teseq ESD Simulator

Product Name: Teseq ESD Similator
Description: A compact, ergonomically designed and user-friendly Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) simulator with microprocessor-based, large touch-sensitive LCD panel that shows users all necessary parameters during tests. It generates standard-compliant discharge pulses from 200 V to 30 kV, in contact and air discharge modes, supporting both battery and mains operation with interchangeable discharge networks, which exceeds industry ESD test standards requiring pulse voltages of 25 kV. It is compliant with a wide range of standards including IEC/EN, ANSI, SAE and ISO.

The full range of parameter setting possibilities for polarity, pulse repetition, counter functions and breakdown detection are fully available at all ranges, up to and including the maximum discharge voltage setting.

NSG 437
200 V - 30 kV
Air and Contact Discharge
Positive and Negative Polarity
IEC/EN 61000-4-2, ANSI, SAE & ISO
Single / Repetitive Discharge Mode
Interchangeable Discharge Network Modules
Discharge Holding Time > 5 s
High Performance with Basic Features
NSG 438 Optimized for Automotive Testing
NSG 439 Fully Automated Robotic ESD Testing
Highlights: Supports Wide Range of international Standards: Conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-2 standard with discharge network 150 pF/330 Ω, and supports ANSI, SAE and ISO standards with interchangeable discharge networks 330 pF/330 Ω, 150 pF/2 kΩ, 330 pF/2 kΩ and range of R/C-networks where R=0 Ω to 20 kΩ, and C=50 pF to 2000 pF.
High ESD Discharge Pulse Voltages: Supports pulse voltages from 200 V to 30 kV in 100 V steps, able to meet manufacturers' R&D test procedures to determine immunity limits and various demanding automotive manufacturers' standards.
User-Friendly: Large easy-to-read touch-sensitive LCD panel display and ergonomically  designed pistol-shaped simulators allows users to hold easily for long duration test procedures.
Threshold Detector: When discharges are detected, the counter or preset counter is incremented or decremented respectively - a particularly useful feature for long test runs. NSG438 contains variable adjustable threshold selection to enable accurate discharge detection and to eliminate faulty discharge counts.
Excellent Customer Service: Supportive customer service team who are responsive and dedicated to assist customers.

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