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PARTNERS play a critical role in helping us establish a RF wireless ecosystem to meet the increasingly demanding customers' needs, and we are deeply committed to their success. Explore and participate in our partner network communities.


We collaborate with our partners to develop, integrate, deliver and support best-in-class cutting-edge test services and solutions to our worldwide customers. We aim to link global RF, wireless, electrical and electronics (E&E) industry partners together to promote seamless collaboration as to establish truly efficient, comprehensive and world-class products, services and solutions for all our customers. 

Quality is the essence of everything we do. We believe that quality is meeting the customer's needs in a way that exceeds the customer's expectation. Together with our partners, we assure our customers of the ultimate state-of-the-art quality of products, services and solutions. 

To excel with our partners, to grow with our customers.

CISSPR Partners Community:

TESEQ stands for customized client support, proven products and extensive know-how. Teseq is world famous for its leading position in the following EMC Products & Solutions:
  • Automotive EMC Test Systems
  • EMC Conducted Immunity Test Equipment, ESD Generators, Harmonics, Flicker and Power Quality Test Systems. 
  • EMC Radio Frequency Test Equipment, ranging from measuring receivers, power amplifiers, GTEM cells to very powerful software for the automation of EMC test houses, completed with a high number of accessories and system reference verifies such as reference radiation sources.


TDK RF SOLUTIONS is a world leader in design, development, and manufacture of technical solutions for the Electromagnetic Compatibility testing industry. The company offers a complete range of solutions, including the following EMC Products & Solutions:
  • Automated Test Systems
  • TDK Anechoic Chambers
  • Software
  • Antennas
  • A wide range of Test Products

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE's highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.

IEEE MTT-S/ ESD/ SSCS Penang Chapter (IEEE Microwave Theory & Techniques Society/ Electron Devices Society/ Solid-State Circuits Society) is the first IEEE chapter founded in Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, Penang, Malaysia. The chapter is responsible for coordinating IEEE activities for the technical and scientific community in both industry and academia in the northern Malaysia region, and mainly focuses on RF/ Microwave engineering, electron devices and solid-state circuits. 

IEEE MTT-S/ ESD/ SSCS Penang Chapter organizes a variety of Technical Talks. Visit the chapter's website for upcoming events/ announcement.





MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) or Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM) is the regulator for the converging communications and multimedia industry in Malaysia. Its key role was the regulation of the communications and multimedia industry, as well as implement and promote the Malaysian Government's national policy objectives for the communications and multimedia sector.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission is also charged with overseeing the new regulatory framework for the converging industries of telecommunications, broadcasting and on-line services. On 1 Nov 2001, MCMC also took over regulation of the Postal Industry and was appointed the Certifying Agency pursuant to the Digital Signature Act (1997).
  • Economic Regulation: Promotion of competition and prohibition of anti-competitive conduct, as well as the development and enforcement of access codes and standards. It also includes licensing, enforcement of license conditions for network and application providers, and ensuring compliance to rules and performance/ service quality
  • Technical Regulation: Efficient frequency spectrum assignment, development and enforcement of technical codes and standards, and administration of numbering and electronic addressing
  • Customer Protection: Emphasizes the empowerment of consumers, and ensures adequate protection measures in areas such as dispute resolution, affordability of services and service availability
  • Social Regulation: Includes the twin areas of content development and content regulation; the latter includes the prohibition of offensive content as well as public education on content-related issues




EUROCERT (European Inspection and Certification Company S.A.) is an European Notified Body, N.B. number 1128, who can carry out CE/EC certification activities. EUROCERT is also an independent 3rd party inspection and certification body with a broad range of scientific disciplines for Quality Management System include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, SA 8000, OHSAS 18001, GLOBALGAP, BRC, etc. It provides CE and ISO certification services all over the world.

EUROCERT is one of the biggest notified body of EU, located in Greece, England, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, and many other countries. It has a leading position in the global certification market by creating values for customers, personnel and stakeholders while ensuring the principles of impartiality, independence, objectivity, competence and ethics. It provides reliable, quality and value-added services that is accredited by international organizations and offer integrated solutions.

EUROCERT is accredited by the following organizations:
  • Notified Body 1128
  • UKAS: United Kingdom Accreditation Service
  • ESYD: Hellenic Accreditation System
  • SAAS: Social Accountability Accreditation Services
  • ACCREDIA: Italian Accreditation System

EUROCERT provides CE certification for the following directives:

  • 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
  • 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive
  • 2001/95/EC General Product Safety Directive
  • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
  • 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive
  • 99/36/EC Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive
  • 87/404/EEC Simple Pressure Vessels Directive
  • 95/16/EC Lift Directive
  • 89/106/EEC Construction Products Directive

JS Denki Pte. Ltd. is a leading EMC test system integrator with core business in supplying, installing as well as providing services support of EMC test equipments and system across China and Asia Pacific region. Established in Singapore in August 2002, JS Denki provides effective EMC solutions, with expertise in configuration and delivery of systems by integrating products from established world-leading suppliers.

JS Denki provides one-stop EMC solutions as follows:
  • EMI (Radiated RE, Conducted CE, Power Disturbance RFP, Antenna Voltage Disturbance AT) 
  • EMS (Radiated RS, Conducted CS & etc) 
  • Car Electronics (BCI, TEM, Cell, GTEM, Stripline – Ford, GM, Chrysler & other manufacturer's standard) 
  • Automotive Vehicle Test
  • EN55020 Testing System
  • Wireless Testing System



Pontis is a brand of Audivo located in Germany, supplying EMC hardened audio and video systems since 1996. From standard analogue CCTV to HD-Video resolution and network (IP) camera systems, Pontis EMC products use the latest technologies. Pontis audio and video systems are installed in test sites all over the world. The extremely low defect rate is the result of a strict quality management system and intensive testing.

Pontis offers a comprehensive range of EMC hardened audio and video systems as follows:
  • Shielded Cameras: Cameras for all kinds of applications: From small manual cameras to HD-cameras with IP control via network.
  • Shielded Audio: Various solutions for audio communication and surveillance. Audio intercom can easily be combined with the CCTV systems or provided as a stand alone system.
  • CCTV and Audio Systems: Versatile solution for video monitoring and intercom which includes analogue CCTV, networked CCTV (TCP/IP), Controllers and accessories.
  • Shielded Converters: Fibre optic transmission for many signals including Ethernet/LAN, USB, CAN, Video, Industrial and general I/O.


Innco Systems GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electromagnetic positioning systems for EMC measurement applications and in the area of HF measuring technology. Founded in 2008, it is located in Schwarzenfeld, Germany. Innco Systems supports special orders according to customer requirements as well as standard systems. Short decision paths, customer-orientated suggestions for solutions, and high flexibility leads to high-quality products to offer customers that added value needed to be competitive-globally. 

Innco Systems offers a comprehensive range of electromagnetic positioning systems as follows:
  • Turntables: Designed and constructed as an EMC positioner. The EMC values are better than 20dB below EN55022. Products are made in Germany at a high level of quality and are planed and built according to the course, relevant standards and guidelines.
  • Antenna Masts: Without additional compressed air and metal free above 30cm ,it is the ideal standard mast for antennas up to 10kg.
  • Antenna Stands: For a fixed height measurement (eg. 1.5m) the antenna stands permit a reliable and automated polarization in the context of measurement. Usually wth compressed air or electrically.
  • Turning Units: Turn devices permit the examinee turns around the horizontal axis and three-dimensional or spherical measurements (eg CTIA).
  • Slide Bars: For the measurement of cable-linked disorders by measuring cable clamp, there are slide bars in standard lengths of 5.300 and 6.000 mm.
  • Dynamometer Systems
  • Controllers: Digital controller for the operation of positioning devices, such as antenna masts, turntables, turn devices, slide bars and many others.
  • Accessories: Antenna adapters.
  • Special Purpose Solutions: Offers customers upon request special solutions of any kind.



EMFcomp specializes in computational modelling of electromagnetic field absorption in the human body to assess compliance with the current ICNIRP, IEEE guidelines and the EC's physical agents (electromagnetic fields) directive. Results generated by computational modelling of electromagnetic field absorption in people enable organisations to protect against adverse health effects associated with exposure to low and high frequency fields.

Based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, EMFcomp originates from Dr Richard Findlay, a physicist who has carried out extensive work in the field of computational electromagnetics at high and low frequencies.

EMFcomp offers a comprehensive range of services as follows:
  • Compliance: Investigate compliance with the current ICNIRP, IEEE guidelines and the EC's physical agents (electromagnetic fields) directive for human exposure to electromagnetic fields at high and low frequencies.
  • Research: Lead or participate in research projects aimed at advancing the topic of protecting human health from the risks associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields.
  • Characterisation: Characterise new electromagnetic field devices. It can create computational models for a variety of devices and use these to investigate how the fields produced interact with human tissues.


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